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…These REAL RESULTS Were Achieved Without Ever Leaving Home or Picking Up The Phone By People With No List & No Team!
Kate McShea here...

And if you are struggling to enroll more reps or close more sales...

We have the solution for you...

This 5 Step Formula is how I went from failing and making no money in my business to Over 5 Figures In One Night and then making Over 6 Figures In The Next 12 Months...

You really are so incredibly close to a rapid spike of sales & enrollments into your business. 

I know because it happened to me.

I began my own marketing business as a former 2nd Grade Teacher with no business or sales experience

I FAILED WITH OFFLINE & ONLINE STRATEGIES...I kept hitting frustrating dead-ends. But…
I Found The Solution With Hosting Online Events
There is a never ending supply of new prospects online

With Twitter, Facebook, Youtube...You can access over a Billion People!

That can seem like a massive “cold list” of people you don’t know.  

But let me explain why it’s actually your “warm list” waiting to happen!

You see… I found a few simple weekly actions allowed me to access a whole list of people outside my local areaa leveraging the power of the internet

…all absolutely for free.  

And this is important… 

I never face rejection or receive complaints from strangers --- because this proven formula is based on respect for others and allows you to build your business in a hassle free way.
Hosting Online Events gives you the freedom to enroll new reps, become a top affiliate, & sell more of your products by providing solutions
After I cracked the code to 60 Minute Enrollment Method… my personal income soared to $10K/month and I brought over 928 new people into my business! 

I’m not sharing any of this to brag or give myself a pat on the back… I just want to drive home the difference this unique strategy can make to your life. 

And there’s absolutely nothing complicated about it.

What's even better is many of our students have had similar results using this 5 Step Formula...
Simply jump on your computer and let my turnkey system turn your free time into passive income...
You're Not The First Affiliate, Network Marketer, Or Business Owner I Have Shared These Secrets With...

Marquel Russll

Long story short... A couple of tweaks from Kate lead to a 5-Figure month ($13,430.83 to be exact). It's safe to say that Kate knows her stuff!"

Ryan McMorris

"On my first try I got 15 people to my online event and I closed 6 new teammates. And 4 of them rank advanced 7 days later! At one point our team was growing at 10 people per week just doing one webinar weekly!"

Pallab Ghosal

I have conducted my first webinar following the blueprint inside (although I could only implement about 33% of the stuff taught inside). As a result...Got 397 people enrolled for the webinar and made $2,500 in instant profit :)"
Yes, I’m Ready To Explode
My Sales & Enrollments!
Total Value: $7,743
If you’ll let me, I’d love to guide you to these kind of life changing results. 

Your first step is to enroll today in this exclusive training opportunity…  

Where I’m excited to share with you my…
The 60 Minute Enrollment Method
Rejection FREE Even If You Don't Have A List Or A Team...
We’ll meet for a series of intimate trainings and live Q&A webinars, where I’ll coach you the 5 steps to get a Rapid Spike In Sales And Enrollments In 60 Minutes a Week. Here's what you'll discover in each phase...

Phase 1 - Craft Your Killer Offer

One of the biggest reasons business owners struggle with closing sales is because they position what they have to offer to their prospects all wrong!

Inside of Phase 1 we’ll walk you through a simple 5 step process you must take in order to craft out your killer offer that sells without any hard closing or high pressure sales

No matter whether your offer is an affiliate offer, business opportunity, your own coaching services or product, the process is the same…

We’ll show you how to create a signature way to position your product, service or opportunity so that it hits your prospects emotional triggers leaving them no choice but to buy on the spot!

(Fill in the blank template and full demonstration tutorial included. You can easily complete this simple process in 30 minutes or less!)

*Unlike other programs, this Phase 1 is open for immediate access to you when you enroll!
Value: $197

Phase 2 - Mass Show Up System

You can invite hundreds of people to your webinar but if they don’t show up how can you close any sales? 

In this Phase I’ll break down a simple rinse and repeat “Done For You” system you set up once virtually guaranteeing the people you invite to your event show up live and are pre-conditioned to buy whatever you have to sell

With our fill in the blank email templates and video scripts, you’ll have everything you need to get a mass surge of attendees waiting for your webinar to go live with their credit card in hand ready to buy

  (You can do all of this without having to individually private message people or call anyone to make sure they show live.)

*Unlike other programs, this Phase 2 is open for immediate access to you when you enroll!
Value: $297

Phase 3 - Rapid Invite Formula

Don’t have a list of hot prospects to invite to your webinar? No problem! 

In Phase 3 I’ll walk you through four of the most simple and proven ways to get high quality prospects that are a perfect fit to attend your online event! 

We’ll walk you through exactly where to find high quality prospects, we’ll give you simple fill in the blank social media posts, email templates and our most profitable Ad copy so you can literally copy, paste and invite with ease.
Value: $197

Phase 4 - Hosting Your Event

(The Relate, Educate, & Rapid Close Blueprint)
Ever wonder how to structure an online presentation that easily sells without any hype or hard closing? If you’ve ever struggled with this then you’ll get a lot out of this Phase. 

Inside of Phase 4, we’ll walk you through the exact 3 step online presentation blueprint that allows you to connect with your audience in 15 minutes or less (even if you don’t have massive results in your business yet).
Value: $497
We’ll help you set up a presentation that gets your attendees to relate and connect with you by easily coming up with valuable content that doesn’t overwhelm your attendees and instead gets them revved up to buy!  

You’ll get our one slide template that easily transitions your attendees into buying mode with one simple question so you can get your attendees to give you permission to pitch them your offer!

Plus you’ll get our simple 11 step closing method virtually guaranteeing you close more sales in 60 minutes than most close in 6 months. This method was designed specifically for anyone who doesn’t like to sell with any hard closing tactics or high pressure sales. 

Are you camera shy? We’ll give you our Power Point fill in the blank presentation template so you don’t have to ever show your face on camera or set up any high tech power point slides. Simply download our presentation template, add in your presentation details, hit save and you’re ready to present!

With this method you can earn more during your 60 minute online presentation without ever having to leave your house or show your face on camera. You can literally close more sales and enrollments into your business in your pajamas!

Phase 5 - Follow Up Surge In Sales Method

Want to learn how to double your sales from your online event in 7 days or less?
This Phase will do exactly that. The fact of the matter is not everyone will buy on the spot on your online event. So how do you follow up with your attendees (and the ones who didn’t show up)? 

Inside of Phase 5, we’ll walk you through step by step the exact follow up strategy we teach our students virtually guaranteeing you create a mass surge of prospects scrambling to buy.

We’ll give you every swipe copy email template you need to set up this system once so you never have to spend countless hours on the phone closing buyers. Let our follow up method of how to set up and send out your replay do the closing for you.  

*Phases 1-5 all come with your complete vault of swipe copy, templates, tutorials and step by step technology set up demonstrations so you’re never left feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or stuck! Simply plug into our system, use all of our resources so all you have to do is set up the systems and show up to host your online event!
Value: $297
Total Value: $1,485
But I'm Not Done Yet!
In Addition To These 5 Value Packed Training Phases 
I also want to give you...
Value: $1,497
Phase 6 - 3 Live Implementation & Accountability Meetings ($1497 Value)
  • Kate will host 3 Live Online Meetings where she will critique your work completed throughout this training and put you into execution mode for your business so you can profit fast!
  • Warning! These Implementation & Accountability sessions will not be for the light of heart...these will be straight talk and pure accountability geared to get you into momentum fast!
  • Added Bonus: 5 Implementation & accountability archives from last year... watch over Kate's shoulder as she critiqued students webinars and helped them create their killer offers!
Value: $1,997
60 Minute Enrollment Method - Tech University ($1997 Value)
  • We held this from you on purpose (don't be mad at us)! We wanted you to understand the concepts and marketing inside of the 60 Minute Enrollment Method before we broke down the technical side.
  • Inside of Tech University you'll have 11 step-by-step bonus trainings for techincal setup so you never feel like you're left in the dark.  We'll take you from start to finish so your tech set up questions are answered!
Value: $297
Team Growth Formula with Ray Higdon ($297 Value) 
  • Learn how to leverage Online Events and Webinars to grow, build, & train your Network Marketing Team.
  • Our special guest trainer, Multiple 8 Figure Earner, Ray Higdon will reveal how he's utilized webinars as part of his method to build his brand and how he became the top income earner in his Network Marketing Company.  He'll also show you how to use webinars to help create a team that duplicates.
Value: $97
Webinar Optimization System Training ($97 Value)
  • Kate will reveal her Optimization & Profitability formula on a training designed to get you squeezing more profit out of your online events!
  • These optimization steps are the difference between losing money, making profits, and getting life changing results for your business.
Value: $197
60 Minute Automated Enrollment Method ($197 Value)
  • We will reveal our automated (24/7 working for you) system that will invite, present, & close sales for you while you're sleeping.
  • No hype - imagine waking up in the morning and seeing an automated presentation machine that closed you sales while you were sleeping...this is how you really gain the power of leverage!
Value: $97
14 Day Online Event Launch Formula ($97 Value)
  • Step-by-Step checklist that will get you hosting your first online event within 14 days!
  • No guessing, no missing critical steps, literally go through this checklist and you will learn to be in profitable action within 14 days of downloading the checklist.
Total Bonus Value: $7,449
"Before we had ever begun getting mentorship from Kate, we were the very definition of struggling network marketers.

Kate helped us set up our first online event and in the first 30 days we had our first $10,000 month in our business. 

Thank you Kate, you have absolutely changed our lives!"
-Cari and Whit Higham
Your Investment?
Well that might be the best part of all.

As I mentioned in the video above we have personally invested over $100,000 into our own coaching and we are revealing in this course what we have learned from paying thousands of dollars for our own personal coaching.

And remember you are getting the exact same strategy that took us from making zero in our business to a 5 Figure Night...and to a 6 Figure Business in Less the 6 Months!

So you might be thinking this is going to cost a quite a bit…
Clients Have Paid Us
For Implementing These Very Strategies for Them!
After all, the last mentorship program we did where we covered this kind of stuff was 5K and we sold out in just one day...

And what you're getting here with The 60 Minute Enrollment Method is even more valuable...

You deserve the fun, flexible, & stress free sales & enrollment strategy that you can follow to secure your own 6-Figure Income. 

This may be the only time I share this with the public so I wanted to make it very easy for you to take advantage of this limited time offer...

That’s why I’m willing to share my 60 Minute Enrollment Method with you for a truly “no-brainer” enrollment investment of a one-time payment of just $297 or 3 payments of $117..
Get The 60 Minute Enrollment Method Today!
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
"I was struggling in my business doing tons of the 'person to person' methods.

Within 4 weeks of finding this program, I started talking to over 50 people at a time, then over 80 people at a time, and then over 200 people at a time.

I made over $3,000 in just one hour!"
-Gloria McDonald
Here's What To Do Now...
  • Fill Out Your Information.
  • Choose Your Payment Option.
  • Get Your Login Information.
  • The Schedule for Release Will Be There.
  • PLUS all the bonuses (I Haven't Mentioned)

Wait, What?!? --Yes, more bonuses...

We're Not Finished!
We've Got 6 "Super Bonuses" Just For You When You Take Action Today...
Value: $197
Facebook Live Blueprint ($197 Value)
  • Live Video is the most effective branding, marketing and monetization method currently on social media. Learn the ins and outs of Facebook Live so you can build a massive following of buyers.  
  • Step by Step Tutorial on how to use Facebook Live to generate a stronger, ready to buy audience
Value: $97
Ad Swipe Copy Pro ($97 Value)
  • We will reveal our top performing Ads & Copy and walk you step by step through how you can implement them for your business.
  • Discover the decisions behind our best performing image and video ads so you can copy, swipe, and deploy in 30 minutes or less
Value: $497
  • You receive 2 General Admission Tickets to the Rise To Freedom Summit coming up in January 2018.
  • This is a 3 Day Live Event with some of the Top Trainers & Speakers in the Industry on the topics of Traffic, Lead Generation, Closing, & Branding.
  • **A $97 Deposit (100% Refundable At The Event Door) Is Required For Each Person To Save Your Seat. Live Events are expensive to host so prior to the event we will collect this refundable deposit to reserve your seat.
But We're STILL Not Done...
It Also Includes...
24/7 Direct
Access To Our Support Team & Community
Anticipate having questions as you implement? No problem! You'll be joining one of the most active and caring communities in the world and be able to ask questions, ask for feedback and literally be able to connect with newbies, 6-figure and 7-figure earners alike via our PRIVATE Facebook Mastermind Group!

No where else can you get your questions answered from the most successful marketers online!
Value: $197
Rise To Freedom Kickstart Coaching Series & Two 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
Our Rise To Freedom Coaching Program is one of the most effective programs within the industry. Our certified coaches are currently one of legend, with every marketing system across the globe trying to imitate, but they'll never be able to duplicate.

Our team of Coaches will work with you 1-on-1 during your Video Training Series to help you create clarity so you can be setup you up for success and create more momentum in your business as quickly as possible.
Value: $297
Year Long Membership To 
Our Monthly 
Marketing Insider
Joining the 60 Minute Enrollment Method means you are an official part of our community. That also means you will be getting access to a FULL YEAR of our weekly  webinars via our Monthly Marketing Insider Membership. These weekly Webinars will reveal the latest marketing strategies that 6 and 7 Figure earners are currently using to explode their business. 
Value: $497
Total Bonus Value: $7,449
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Here Are Some of the Results from Our Students...

Marquel Russell - Atlanta, GA

I was working with Kate on getting more people on my webinars/online events and converting them to sales...Long story short...A couple of tweaks from that conversation lead to a 5-Figure month ($13,430.83 to be exact). It's safe to say that Kate knows her stuff! 

Laura Harris - Grand Junction, CO

"I first met Kate and Andrew at a workshop they were hosting. I was totally new to online marketing, and a little overwhelmed by it all. Kate and Andrew both did such a great job of simplifying and explaining how you can use the internet to grow any type of business. They opened my eyes to the possibilities and help to dissipate my fears. Since then, Kate has become a friend and mentor, helping me to establish my online presence. I have worked with many coaches over the years, and Kate is one of the most gifted! She is a great listener and communicator, and has a unique ability to focus in on the most important issues, clear blocks, and get results. I highly recommend working with her if you want to take your business to the next level!"

Ryan McMorris - Greenville, SC

I started my online business in 2014 working 70 hours a week. I struggled with sales in my MLM for 6 months until things just got too much. I needed a change.

Kate suggested some things to help me leverage myself since I had ZERO extra time. One of her suggestions was video & webinar marketing! On my first try I got 15 people to my webinar and I closed 6 new teammates. And 4 of them rank advanced 7 days later! At one point our team was growing at 10 people per week just doing one webinar weekly!

Kate and Andrew know how to get results! If you're looking to increase your skill set, increase your leads and closing percentage, then take action NOW. If you still work a job or are looking for leverage it doesn't get better than developing your skills as live and recorded webinars! I can now give twice the value in half the time.

Holly Homer - Dallas, TX

Kate has helped me so much. She has a gift for breaking complicated things down into simple, doable steps. Her enthusiasm helps motivate throughout the process.  

I have not only learned specifics on what I need to do, but an overall philosophy that has made me more successful. I highly recommend you be a part of anything that Kate is doing!
Here Is What People Are Saying On Social Media...
Check Out What Some of the Experts Had To Say...

Ray Higdon, Founder of Top Earner Academy

Kate and Andrew are incredible trainers that add a lot of value to the marketplace and on top of that are a LOT of fun to be around. These guys are always focused on impacting and helping others and it's been awesome watching them grow into such rockstars

Ferny Ceballos, CMO of Elite Marketing Pro

As her mentor & friend, I've literally had a front row seat to watching Kate McShea, go from ZERO to building a multiple 6-figure home business in less than 18 months and enroll over 900 people into her home business.

As an online marketer, Kate recently produced over $200,000 in sales from 125 new customers generated from a series of webinars and she literally has the highest show-up rates and closing ratios on her webinars that I've seen anywhere.  

Kate is truly a case of the student becoming the master, as she is now teaching me a great deal about her unique approach to creating sales en masse and I know she is the best in the industry for anyone who wishes to do the same in their businesses.

Tim Erway, CEO of Elite Marketing Pro

Andrew and Kate are two of the most driven, talented and refreshingly “real” trainers you’ll find anywhere. The results they’ve gotten by taking massive action in such a short amount of time is super impressive and they continue to stay on the cutting edge of all things marketing.  In fact, they’re at the very top of the list as my own personal ‘go to guys’ on the subject, which is about as good of an endorsement as I can give. 
My 100% Money Back Guarantee
I am so convinced that you'll see fast results that I am protecting you with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Or Your Money Back!

After you dig into the training and after you put it into action, if you don’t feel you got at least 10X the value of your investment within the next 30 days, I will refund 100% of your money. 

That's the best way I know how to give you peace of mind to move ahead and take advantage of this limited time opportunity today.

Kate McShea

Final Day Special Bonuses!
*Raffle Pulling*

2 Bonus One on One Calls With Kate
Joining the 60 Minute Enrollment Method automatically qualifies you to be entered into a raffle drawing with the winner getting 2 bonus one-on-one calls with Kate McShea.

If you're the lucky winner, you'll get on the spot feedback and the clarity you need to quickly get momentum in your business.

Let Kate do the heavy lifting for you :)

The random winner will be selected on Monday 11/6 

Value: $1,994
*Back by Popular Demand*

Social Profits Bonus Pack 
Joining the 60 Minute Enrollment Method means you will also get a never been seen before bonus pack of our top training with our top 6 and 7 figure friends.  Inside of this bonus pack they'll teach you every social media tip, trick, hack and secret to help move your business forward. 

Inside of this bonus training bundle:

Posting for Prospects & Prospects Course with Kate McShea

Facebook ATM Group Training with John & Nadya Melton

Pinning For Profit Training with Katrina Van Oudheusden

Social Testimonial Profits Formula with Justice Eagan

Value: $297
Total Fast-Action Bonus Value: $2,291
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Are You Ready to Explode Your Sales & Enrollments?
Yes, I’m Ready To Explode
My Sales & Enrollments!
Total Value: $8,934
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Video #4
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